A Great Day for the Lake

Note to self…parking near a tree where squirrels can run across the roof may disrupt your sleep!  🙂  I was the only one who woke up to that, but then the sunshine said good morning and I was happy to be camping!

First thing this morning, I rushed over to the bathrooms and ran into Libby, who is a friend and past colleague from before I became a corporate dropout. It was so nice to have a visit with her and her family.  The kids played a bit and it was another hot, hot day out but it didn’t stop the kids from honing their biking skills!

We hit the beach and soaked a while to beat the heat, then headed back to camp for lunch.  The kids rode their bikes around for a bit more and back to the beach we went!  We remembered to at least bring noodles to float on, and it was nice to just relax in the water without having to rush off to get somewhere.  Camping life is good!


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