And We’re Off…For Real

Today is the day. I took Ethan for a haircut and ran my last few errands including getting rolls of quarters from the bank for laundry (thank you, Deana for sharing that tip)! Andy got the batteries and boxes for the solar panels situated, the camper is packed, the house is clean, and the fridge is empty – other than an abundance of condiments, pickles, and ferments in holding status. I even had the chance to clean out the empty drawers!

We are headed to Dowagiac to our parents’ house to steal their suburban for the trip and finish putting on the solar panels. I’m feeling more confident with my trailer knowledge. It seems like we’re cruising slow since the trailer tires are only rated for 65 MPH. We stopped at a rest stop along the way to check the tire temperature, and it’s within normal range (which we determined after a Google search). Thank goodness for Google! I will probably laugh to look back at searches after this trip.

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