Off to Colorado

We set out early this morning to make it out to Wetherill Mesa for our tour of the Longhouse.  The drive made me a bit squeamish at certain points, but it was Andy’s day to drive!  Our guide was David Nighteagle, and he was amazing!  He fully engaged with the kids (he said they are his future), and I was both surprised and proud when they eagerly volunteered answers when he asked questions of the group.

Nature didn’t disappoint today.  We saw wild horses along the path to the Longhouse.  At the end of our tour, David produced a handmade (by his own hands) wood flute and proceeded to play for the group.  As he was playing, a hummingbird zoomed in and hovered in front of him and it was such a thing to witness!

After the Longhouse tour, we showered up, packed up and hit the road.  We continued our hunt for Navajo Tacos today, but weren’t really successful.  We found some at a Mexican Restaurant on our drive to Buena Vista, CO but I’m not sure that they were quite what we had in mind.  That, and we both would have liked to try mutton stew even though the lady said it was yucky.

The point system failed today…with the long drive, nothing was stopping the kids from bickering.  Added to that was the intermittent cellular signal to check on reservations for a campground the next couple nights.  It was getting dark when we got to Buena Vista, and we struck out at several campgrounds before we found one that had space for us and someone was actually there to speak with and he even guided us into our spot by flashlight!

We happily set up at Arkansas River Rim Campground and settled in for the night, excited for a relaxing morning and a day on the river tomorrow.

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