Route 66

The intention was to sleep in today, and we were all up by 8:30 and getting ready for the day’s adventures.  We sadly discovered chip that cracked the front window on our camper, and hope that it doesn’t shatter on our trek home!   Hopefully, it is the worst thing that happens…

It’s cool to share that we rode our bikes on Route 66!  We visited a street market and many of the little shops, then had milkshakes & a meal at Goldie’s cute little diner.  Ethan’s onion rings were as big as his face!  After some more peddling, we cooled off in the pool and it was so refreshing!

We cleaned up and headed back into town for the gunfight!  Andy and the kids rode their bikes, and I followed in the Suburban in case the weather decided to turn on us.  Ethan was quite the little heckler and the actors gave the kids the gun shells as keepsakes.  Driving back, it was neat to see all the neon lights along the way back so I had to stop to grab a few pictures to remember this cute little town!

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