Today we set out east from camp in Yellowstone on Grand Loop road towards Tower Roosevelt to explore the top loop.  We stopped off at a couple of the overlooks, and went to see the Petrified Tree.  It was caged due to prior vandalism (people taking chunks of them…there used to be three there), so you don’t get a really close look at it.
Today we saw many waterfalls.  We saw Tower Fall and walked along a path along the top to get a closer look.  It wasn’t a park trail, and Lily wanted to hold my hand as we explored the area.

We took a short hike to Wraith Falls, which was really unique!  Along the walk, we crossed the stream and the kids played in it a bit.  With all the wildflowers blooming in the field, the blue sky and perfect fluffy clouds, it was easy to ignore the heat and enjoy God’s handiwork!

We also made it to Artist Point, which overlooks the “Grand Canyon” of Yellowstone.  The views were spectacular, made me double check my footing as I looked out over the falling water and steep drop-offs!  It certainly gave me pause to consider my place and purpose when in such an incredible scene.

We wanted to get to civilization at Canyon Village to be able to call home and hopefully secure our next campsite!  Unfortunately, the reservation office closed before we were able to make the call, so we will have to wing it.  We picked up a couple souvenirs and to sample the local brew, grabbed some Family Vacation Beer!  It was too appropriate to pass up.

We headed back towards camp and took the opportunity to explore Mammoth even though evening was setting in to avoid the masses.  The kids got over the sulfur smell pretty quickly, inspected formations, watched water flows and listened to fumaroles!  We went right up onto the walkways, without minding much where we’d end up and had to figure out how to get back to the parking lot in the end.  Just another part of the adventure!

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