Meet Deanna


Welcome! If you’re about to hand over your newborn baby to someone, you probably want to know a bit about them and what they’re about, eh?  Well, hello.  I’m Deanna.  I live in Howell, Michigan with my husband and two beautiful kiddos.  I am super proud of my new studio in Brighton and that I actually get to “go to work” again!

I have a BBA in Computer Science and was an IT Director before becoming a corporate dropout.  I met my husband through an online offroading forum for ZR2 owners (yes, you read that correctly).  We have been blessed with two boisterous, smart and funny children that remind me to play, kiss my boo-boos, and have helped me become more like the person I want to be for them.

I believe Jesus is our savior and find peace in his grace.  I sometimes sing with the choir, but mostly when alone in the car.  I am the youngest in a crazy beautiful extended family.  I am a cat person… though we only have two so I’m not that crazy cat lady – yet.

I love outdoor adventures and to ride most anything with an engine.  I am a big sap and cry easily…even at commercials.  I love to laugh and was actually nicknamed “giggles” in my youth.  I talk a lot and in circles but if you hang around a while, you’ll get me!

I drink a LOT of coffee.  I am a junkie for hand made soap, jewelry and well, most things handmade.  I knit, am learning sewing skills and love crafting. Gardening also makes me happy.  I enjoy canning food for our pantry and am a sucker for baked goods.  I love gin martinis, craft beer and a good bottle of wine.  But yeah…mostly coffee.

I love what I do and how many of my clients become friends.  I am truly blessed to capture the milestones in their lives and the growth of their families.  I hope to capture yours!

Photo by the amazing Shi Lessner