We started off our day at Arches, and the kids turned in their packets and earned their Junior Ranger Badges.  We took another drive through the park and stopped at several turnouts to take in the beautiful formations.  We did a drive by of Windows, and knew if we didn’t cut our time short we would end up spending the whole day there.  One day, I’ll be back…I’m sure of it.

We drove back into Moab and had lunch at Quesadilla Mobilla (an awesome food truck), swung by the post office to send out some postcards then headed out to Canyonlands. There were some dark skies looming, but we hit the Visitor Center so the kids could work on their Junior Ranger packets.  There was a serious case of the giggles (even the ranger couldn’t control it) when they were sworn in, and I think we’re all a bit slap happy!

We made it out to the Natural Bridge, which the kids were quick to point out is actually an arch.  The views were so incredible, to see how expansive the land and canyons really are.  We saw the road that you can get a permit to drive on, which we might have to come back and do one day!

Back in Moab, we stopped at Rotary Park to check out the bridge at the trailhead and met a super cool pup who was there with his kayaking owner.  Lily grabbed my hand on the way back, and I know that it won’t be long before she stops doing that.  This time is flying.  So I made a deal with myself that every time she or Ethan does, I make sure I’m not the one who lets go first.

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