Sunset Crater and Wupatki

This morning, we said goodbye to Canyon Motel & RV Park and almost had a little (big) hitchhiker join us for the ride!  Andy indulged me and the kids and we went into Williams one last time so we could get a milkshake at Twisters Soda Fountain.  Ethan got a blue monster, Lily got pecan pralines ‘n cream and mine was cherry amaretto.

We drove to Flagstaff to check out Sunset Crater.  It was easily doable with the camper in tow, and there was a really great ranger that chatted up and quizzed the kids as they earned their badges.  We walked around at the base, and decided to head over to Wupatki National Monument, too.

The visitor center there had a sign about how dehydration causes crankiness, so I’m gonna say that’s what happened to us yesterday!  We walked around the ruins there and learned about Pueblo life.  Again, we spent a good part of the day earning Junior Ranger badges (two today!) and it was time to roll out to our next stop.

We drove late into the night, and saw a gorgeous sunset.  For a while I stared up into the clear sky at the stars through the sunroof.  I took a turn at the wheel for the last leg and gazed at the blood moon as we crossed the Hopi reservation land.  I know the trip is drawing to a close, and I’m relishing these moments and giving thanks for the many blessings we’ve been provided.

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