Travel and Rest

We awoke today in Cameron, and soon decided that we would pull out of our tight gravel site and head to Williams to find a campground there.  There was no cell signal on the reservation so I couldn’t call ahead until we got on the road.  We did check out the Cameron Trading Post which was a huge shop with Navajo jewelry, handwoven rugs, pottery, and of course a ton of t-shirts, candy and other sundries.  Hanging from the ceiling was a gorgeous rainbow of yarn, so I had to indulge.

After getting no response from one campground, we were happy to find ourselves at Canyon Motel & RV Park in Williams, Arizona.  It was another gem and the kids were thrilled to spend some time in the pool.  They rode around on their bikes and made friends with a fellow camper with a pet cat.  We cleaned out the Suburban and freshened up the camper.  We drove into town to grab groceries, and it started to rain so it was a good night to veg out and watch a movie.  I think we all needed a day of rest and a little Hoodoo!

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